No Shame in Anti-depressants to Cope

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It seems as though a lot of us are feeling down, even way down. I too "crashed" a few days ago. I told my doctor and she prescribed Zoloft immediately. This is already very helpful. I think with the diagnosis, the surgery, the doctor appointments, etc, etc,.. my head was spinning so fast that after 6 weeks post-surgery everything finally hit me. It was like, oh my god what just happened. I'm not whole, I'm missing part of my body (bilateral mast.), I feel like a freak, I feel ugly, everybody's looking, etc... What I do know is that this is a process and we must acknowledge what just happened to our bodies. Kind of like a death. We go through a grieving process. There is medicine to help us through this. Don't be ashamed to tell your doctor that you need help. Remember--you're not alone!!
Here's to brighter and better days!!


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    Couldn't agree with you more star! This is an overwhelming time, when you start dealing with everything. Last thing we need is to be depressed! With stress the brain pumps out a chemical that slows us down, or causes depression. The anti-depressants just soak up and/or stop the production of that chemical. Not getting help is unnecessary abuse to yourself. It's like being a diabetic and saying 'I don't need insulin'. That's just not logical.
    Glad you are feeling better and glad you brought this to everyone's attention. Someone will surely benefit from your experience! God bless. hummingbyrd
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    I agree with you Star! I started taking Wellbutrin after I finished my treatments. I focused completely on getting thru my treatment and when it was done I suffered from "What the heck do I do now" syndrome! The Wellbutrin helped. I just recently saw my OB/Gyn and we decided to increase the dosage because I'm having problems with mood swings. I have my good days and bad days-since chemo I am now post menopausal and don't want to take estrogen replacement. I think the bottom line here is to listen to your mind and body and do whatever it takes to be your best. I believe the shame is in not acknowledging there is a problem. You go girl....take care and God Bless. Sharon