father got diagnosed with pc

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my father got diagnosed with pc in January and he has been fighting it very hard though doesnt take medicines like hunger stimulators to help him eat or doesnt tell the doctor about his pain like back pain headaches and depression. he is a very hard man and also very stuburn. we are from ethiopia and he thinks it has something to do with his mother putting a spell on him. He also gets very depressed and from the way he is fighting it, it looks like he can win but has to change many of his views. please help me make him understand more about his disease.

he is currently doing chemotherapy and radiation


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    I am a PC survivor who was diagnosed 4/2001. Know that initially it is difficult to reconcile in your own mind that you have such a potentially fatal disease - once that is done - the hard work begins. Here are a few suggestions that helped me over that hump. When your father has to see the doctor, go with him and don't sit in the outer office - go into the examinig room with him so that you can share your concerns and observations with the doctor. He may complain at first but believe me, we are so happy that someone else can help bare the burden!!! Also tell the doctor that your father is experiencing pain. i thought that if I endured the pain and did not complain that I would somehow feel better that I had not taken drugs - that is crap - during this time we need drugs so that we can get stronger. Often while medicated we can eat better, rest better, and become physically stronger. Know that the longer one puts off taking pain medication, the worse the pain and the harder and longer it takes for the drugs to take effect.
    You are right about his attitude, he must maintain a positive attitude but he must be smarter about how and when to draw on his positivity. I prayed often, thanking God for my and other PC patient's healing. When I was in the doctor's office getting my treatments, I did what I could to cheer up the other patients - and sometimes when I was down, they said a nice word to cheer me. This and probably other diseases are best fought when you can depend on the family unit for support. - For me, that support was my husband being there in the hospital room, going into the doctors office with me, and yes, sitting in the treatment room for hours with me while I was getting treatment. Unfortunately, without that support, cancer is a lonely disease.
    Also, suggest that he eat what he likes for example, I lived off of applesauce for months!!!!!Now, I eat too much (smiles)
    Take care and God Bless!!!! I hope you will find some comfort in what I have said.