Prophylactic hysterectomy

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Hi, my drs are urging me to have a complete hysterectomy, actually it is already scheduled for next Mon (4/10). I am 28, er/pr neg. I am looking for anyone out there who has had this surgery as preventative as aposed to Zolodex or Lupron. If anyone is out there, how did you handle it, I certainly cant take HRT. Please respond. Thanks!!


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    I had a bladder and bowel prolapse brought on by a car accident, and Doc talked me into the hysterectomy. Since the uterus sits on top the bladder, it the bladder dropped eventually so would the uterus. The difference for me was I already had three natural children and my husband had two of his own. We weren't planning any more together so I had the uterus taken but left the ovaries. The next year I was diagnosed with Breast cancer. The fact that I had the uterus out prevented that from becoming cancerous because I am now on Tamoxifen and that is one of the possibilites of risk. It doesn't effect the ovaries. Hope this helps.
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    hi. have you considered going to a naturapath doctor for an opinion? they sometimes have other ways of dealing with things compared to traditional western medicine. they are more "body mind and spirit" minded and help the body to correct itself! might be worth a shot. good luck whichever route you take...
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    Sorry but I'm a bit confused, maybe I just don't remember my endocrinology correctly. I think I would get a second opinion if I were you especially if planning a family. Besides, if you are estrogen and progesterone negative why do they want to do a hysterectomy anyway? Definately never hurts to get a 2nd opinion! hummingbyrd
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    Chas707, Hi I had a total hysterectomy due to A large Tumor Painful menses and excessive bleeding. Plus there was a family history of Uterine Cancer in my family. I also had Breast Cancer before I decided to have the hysterectomy. I opt to have the surgery. I also had large tumors about 20 years previously had surgery to have them removed then. I was still considered young and no children so my Doctor did what he could so I could still have children. Well when I had the Hysterectomy still no children I was 45 and knew I was not going to have any. I hope you got a second opinion and thought this very carefully. Plus my Doctor told me even though I don't have Ovaries that I can still get Ovarian Cancer.