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I haven't been spending as much time here now that I am back into full gear working and all. I find that I have less energy to do things of life. I find it is just work trying to get through all we must in a good days work. I am very fortunate to be able to carry on and finally able to enjoy this life I have been left with. I find that I am just sensative to everything and try my damnedest to keep trucking on. I am too tired it seems to be depressed now and getting more sleep than I ever have.
I am finally finding myself once again after 6 years of feeling like crap and getting through the side affects that treatments kicked the crap out of me with. I thank God everyday that I managed to endure, for that is just about all it was most days.
It saddens me so to see so many new members much younger than I even, having to face this cancer thing. I have learned so much through the years I felt like I have been fighting to get my life back after my fight. Today is a very good day, don't ask me about yesturday for it is gone. I am doing all I can to be present in the MOMENT of it, all I can do. I am trying to find the simplistic life that I must see for the stress of it all to pass over me. I am up early to try and get a work out in before I go to work. I am finally feeling the benefits of getting into very good shape. I really proved myself wrong because I never thought, I would be able to change, what the surgery left me with. I have shown myself I can be in even better shape than I was before. I am feeling like I am able to get through the day now, without that exhaustion hanging over me. I have learned that sleeping is the best that I can do for myself. When I am not sleeping through the night cause of the hot flashes, I nap often. I have learned that the life I led before my cancer, was not working, since I found myself so sick. Now I work hard for everyday I have here on this earth, finally finding my life left to live. We must keep on TRUCKIN and digging deep within each breath. Breathing is the key to life and getting as much as we can from each breath is truly as simple as it gets.
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    I agree with much you had to say. If working gives you the pleasure of each breath go for it. I'm recouping my strenght right now, hopeing to be able to go back to work in the near future. During this time I'm enjoying each day, each breath, each blessing. Twice my cancer has been in remission and both times I don't thing I appreciated just what I had been given. Believe you me....I got it this time....