help, need info on oropharynx cancer

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Hi, my name is Donna my mom found out today that she has throat cancer, they are not sure to what extent, she has to go in for a biopsy Monday to see if it has spread to any other organs, she has a qaurter size white spot on the back of her throat near where her tonsils used to be, she and I both are so scared, I have a thousand thoughts running thru my head at this point, if anyone has any advice for me or her or if you are familar with what I just described could you please reply to this message or email me at, thank you so much and may God be with us all...


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    Hi Donna,
    My name is Marvin and in May of 2001 I found out that I had squamous cell cancer on my left tonsil. I had a huge lump under my left jaw where the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes. I had a CAT scan of my head and neck and then a biopsy of left tonsil. I was scared to death but I had to make a decision. My physician recommended that I have radical neck surgery followed by seven weeks of radiation. I was scared to death to have the radical neck surgery. I questioned the doc as to why he felt I should have the surgery instead of having chemo and radiation. He convinced me that the survival rate was higher for surgery followed by radiation. I know how scary it is. Radical neck surgery requires that they cut you from the middle of your bottom lip down under your chin and around to the back of your ear. They then remove a rear tooth and saw your jaw in two. They then go in from the side of your neck to remove the cancer and all the lymph nodes on that side of your head. I was in the hospital for 10 days and was unable to eat solid food from June 15th until October 15th. One good thing was I lost about 50 pounds while only eatin osmolite. I was a smoker. No matter how bad it looks or sounds, I am glad that I had the surgery and radiation, instead of just radiation and chemo. I have lost most of my saliva from the radiation and have to make sure I have water or fluid with every meal. It has now been almost two years and I have adjusted quite well. I can do and eat anything I desire. Life is good. I hope this helps. I am always available to talk. How old is your Mom? Has she decided what to do? Remember it is her decision not the physicians! Explore all of her options and then make the decision that best fits her situation. I am 56 and looking forward to 86!