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My Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer in Sept. It had spread to her bones and brain. She completed her radiation last October and completed her chemo the middle of February. Can someone give me their experience on the recovery after their chemo? She is REALLY weak, mainly because she lived with a dehabilitating cough for 10 months before they diagnosed her. I don't want to push her too hard but then again I want to push her hard enough to get her strength back. At times she really gets down because she is so weak and it seems like she will have 3 or 4 good days and then 3 or 4 bad days. I think I'm going to look for a physical therapist that has experience with chemo and cancer recovery. Any input is greatly appreciated. And I want to add to all that have cancer to stay strong, stay positive and keep believing that the impossible CAN happen. My Mom is living proof. Keep the faith. God bless.


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    Dear Kat, I am a 58 year old female who was in excellent health before I was diagnosed with lung cancer a little over two years ago (I ruptured my achilles tendon in an aerobics class and they found the tumor in my pre-op x-ray). I also did weight training and felt great. I tell you this because you should understand how debilitating these cancer treatments can be. After my lung surgery I had a 30 day course of radiation and altho I tolerated it well, I was exhausted for many months following. About a year later I had a recurrence in my other lung and had surgery for that. A few months later I still had some suspicious cells and had a course of chemotherapy- six rounds three weeks apart. I ended the Chemo Feb. 21 2002. I am just now starting to get some energy back. It's been over a year. Your mother's cancer was more extensive than mine and she had treatments one after another. My treatments were spaced a year apart or better. Be patient with her. It really knocks you on your butt. My friends don't understand this. I've spoken to other chemo patients because I would be so frustrated. I know now things will not be the same as they were before, but that's okay. Your Mother has been thru the equivalent of being hit by a mack truck physically. Concentrate on keeping her spirits up and in time her physical strength will come along. Best to you both, Schuyler
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    I have small cell lung cancer. I have had it since February of 2002. I first had radiation and chemo together that was very tough. I had esophagitis 2 times that was painful. I was tired all the time I slept a lot. I had to have procrid not sure of that spelling. You should ask your doctor about that it will help build up her blood and will make her feel so much better. I also had 2 blood transfusions. I had the cough and it goes away and I had that for over a year before they found the lung cancer. My doctor said it was allergies so sent me to an allergist for a year a simple cat scan would have proven them wrong but they only did chest xrays. I finally got a new doctor she took cat scan found lung cancer. I had lung cancer in the lympth nodes they got rid of that now It moved to the brain. I had full head brain radiation. I had 15 hits of radiation to the brain. I had to take a steroid that made me gain 50 pounds. That was the hardest thing to take. Add 50 pounds to your body and try to walk around with it. It is quite painfull and I got blood clots in my legs because of it and along with that broken arches. After doing the full head brain radiation. They still could see one tumor in my brain. This meant that I had to do 15 hits of radaition to that tumor. I had to have a halo screwed into my head so as not to move I was put on a table and they hit that tumor 15 times with full radation. I will not know the results of this until April 15th. I have not been able to taste food for over 6 months I try my best to eat but the food taste so bad it is very hard to eat at all. I take pills to help. I have lost some of the weight since I no longer have to take that steroid. But it sure is not coming off they way it went on. You should be talking to her oncologist to see what they can do to help her. Radiation stays in the body for some time. If the tumor is still in me then they will do surgery. If more have developed then I will not do any more treatments. They have come a long way with lung cancer I am greatful to be alive this long. I will take all the days that god will give me without pain. This has been painfull the whole experience, I lost my hair not once but twice, I have thrown up alot I have ben in the hospital for over 11 days at a time. I have had many problems, but you know what I am still alive, I am still fighting it. I will continue to keep fighting it as long as it does not become to painful. I sure hope for the best for your mom. Sounds to me like she is not giving up. She is doing ok to have 3-4 good days. Please talk with her oncologist. June
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    my mom has lung cancer, going through chemo would like to talk. Thanks
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