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Hi, I am a breast cancer survivor. My five year make is coming up in May however I received some disturbing news when I got an x-ray on my arm a few months ago. They found a cyst in my upper arm bone. I am very frightened. I have a few questions and would appreciate any advice. First, the internist they sent me to felt my arm and said it felt smooth and his gut feeling is that it is not cancerous. If it was he said it would feel bumpy. Has anyone else experienced this? My second question is I was told to go and get a bone scan. We don't have insurance and I was curious of the cost of a test like this. Has anyone had this done and have an idea of the cost? The cyst has accually started to make the arm bone bow out so I know it is growing. If anyone has had this experience or anyone with any advice please send me a note. Thanks for listening.


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    I haven't had an experience exactly like yours but I can tell you to follow your gut feeling as to what is right for you. When I found my lump, the surgeon felt that it was nothing to worry about and recommended that I do nothing but to watch it for six months. I said "NO, it isn't suppposed to be there and I want it out". He did surgery the following week and I ended up with Stage II BC. I thank God every day that I followed my intuition and didn't listen to the doctor. I actually just had a bone scan yesterday but I can't tell you what the cost of it is...sorry. Good luck to you, you are in my prayers, and keep us posted on how you make out...Cheryl
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    Hi, I have had 3 bone scans so far. I can tell you that they are relatively painless. However, the cost is -- usually around $1400 (or at least that is what my last insurance statement said it cost). But since breast cancer most commonly spreads to the bones or lungs, I would find some way to have it done. I just recently got diagnosed with bone metastasis in my hip 2 yrs after my initial diagnosis.

    Good Luck and know that you are in my prayers.