Inflammatory Breast Cancer

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After 5-6 different chemos, nothing has helped, cancer has moved to liver, lung and shoulders. I'll be going to University of Chicago and Memorial Sloan Kettering for new options. Any suggestions on questions I should ask - probably will be clinical trials.


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    I do hope you have found a place to find your information. Many have been through what you have and the fight continues. I hope that a support group is within your reach and you continue to face all you must with that estrogen courage. The best one can do is get out all we feel and this is a very good place for doing that.
    I want to tell you all now about a book I have just finished. I have been helping very young athletes to be in the moment and using our breathing to center our beings. I have learned so much from all I have had to face and being an athlete myself I now know that breathing is what life and everything is all about. That and SLEEP!!!. I have just finished Oprah's book suggestion "The Invitation." by Oriah Mountain Dreamer. I recommend this book to you all and lets all get the best of our time we have left, what ever that maybe.
    Getting involved with a support group and having places to dump ourselves of the things we try to spare our families of.
    I have to say of all the self help books I have read this one says it all in terms we can all understand and relate too.
    Come on ladies for those who have read the book get that meditation breathing going. It is now time to get the most out of ourselves and feel the core of our beings. LIFE is about having the energy to put into all we do. It is time to have the energy to do all we can and still have time for ourselves at the end of the day.
    Love to you all,
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    I'm sorry you are having such a tough time and wish I had knowledge about IBC to help you, but I don't.

    Here are a couple of suggestions:
    The ACS oncology nurses on this site are very helpful. Why don't you ask them what questions to ask when you go to the university? Go to the top of this page and click on 'Contact ACS', then 'cancer, general questions'. A nurse will respond to you with 1-2 business days.

    Also, if you enter 'inflammatory breast cancer' in the search box at the bottom of this page, you will have access to 27 posts. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best. Keep us posted.

    Take care,