First meeting with Oncologist

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I have my first meeting with an oncologist tomorrow and I am very nervous about it. I am scheduled for a mastectomy at the end of the month and my surgeon wants me to meet with the oncologist prior to surgery. What do I need to ask? I have Stage 2 Ductal Carcinoma. I have found out that there is so much I don't know and think I will not know the right things to find out about. HELP!!!!


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    Hi, I've had chemo 3 different times. Ask him what kind of chemo you are having, and what side effects to expect. How many are you going to have? Is it IV or pills. How long does chemo take if IV. Also, from my own personal experience ( doctor will tell you I'm nuts) Everyday, oncea daily chew on 4-5 vitamin E capsules, this will save your mouth from mouth sores. How soon after mastectomy does chemo start. Are you also having radiaition? As for as side effect if you feel nauseous, they have meds that you can take composine etc. ask him which would be best for you. also, again from experience, don't eat anything befor chemo, you won't feel as sick. You may get tired, but thats normal. Rest all that you can. I know that it is hard, but try to keep a positive attitude and laugh at the little things. This always seemed to help me.If you have any other questions, ask away. Keep the faith it will be alright. Its difficult I know, there aare so many emotions you feel and thats ok. If by chance you are going to lose your hair, go to a wig perosn now so that they can see what you hair style and color and length are so that they can match it. Oh yea, I drank alot of orange juice before I had chemo the very first time and the acid in the juice reacted with the chemo and gave me hives everywhere so be careful if you drink juice. Hang in there you'll be in my prayers. Sara P.S. Have someone take you and pick you up, it might make you a little loopey at first.
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    I may be posting this too late to help you with this appt., but one thing that really helped me was making sure that someone went with me, both to remember what questions we needed to ask, and to be another set of ears for whatever the doctor said. Sometimes, you get so much info that it's overwhelming and having someone who can help you sort it out really helps. Diane
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    Just remember that you are in charge of your treatment. This includes making sure you find an oncologist that you are truly at ease with. He/she should be willing to spend as much time as necessary with you to answer your questions, explain your treatment completely and make you feel as comfortable as possible in this unpleasant situation. If the first doctor you meet with does not meet your personal criteria, find someone else. This will be a relationship that lasts quite some time. Be strong, stick up for yourself - you have the right to feel safe and cared for.