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I am a 53 year old 4 1/2 year survivor. I have been on tamoxifen since December 1998. My CA 15 3 (tumor marker) has been on a slight increase for the past year. (I see my onc every 3 months) I saw him Monday, my marker was up to 19.8. It has been as low at 9. My concern is that the tamoxifen is loosing it's affectiveness. Has any one out there had this experience?


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    Hi casey, hummingbyrd here. Boy oh boy have I had experience! My TM's for breast ca are CEA and CA 27.29 both elevated, both going up since Dec. 2001 (not 2002 but 2001). All scans are clear, thank God! Apparantly, they don't necessarily mean anything is going on. Personally, I would have precautionary scans done, but at same time try not to worry about them. I know lot easier said than done.
    When mine first went up July 2001 I had a work up. Found lump (tiny) in left breast and bone met right arm, both treated. Labs returned to normal, found bone met low back, didn't seem to effect labs. Go figure! I just give it to God and He leads my heart and soul. Listen to Him, He will talk through body. If something seems wrong have doc check it out, but yes it is possible for TM's to go up and no tumors are found. God bless. hummb
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    Hi, Casey,

    My oncologist told me he doesn't even do tumor marker studies because they fluctuate naturally, and usually people get frightened for no good reason. Hummingbird has the right idea. Have some scans just as a precaution, but if you have to assume anything, assume this is just a blip and that it does not mean you have anything bad going on.