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I am a 2 1/2 year suvivor and am not complaining, but I am still tired. I was diagnosed in Oct. 1999,had chemo for 6 months, 1 quantrantectomy and then a mascetstomy followed by 6 weeks radiology and worked through 3 months of it . I still have very little energy. Bed at 6 pm to 8 pm and up at 5am . Some nights I can't sleep through the night because I worry what might happen since I had positive lymphnodes although all tests come back negative. I am begining to think that I have a good imagination and like to worry. Am I alone?


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    Hi I understand I am a two year survivor and my complaint is I am tired my doctors say there is no reason there are days I am full of energy and other days I just don't move I find that now when I get a cold it seems to really knock me out I had 4 rounds of chemo I take tamoxifen I don't know if thats it as far as sleep I don't anymore so don't feel alone trust me your not. Be Well Ann Marie
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    I had positive lymph nodes and am going on 5 years and doc says I could live another 9 years with proper treatment. I am tumor-free but with rising markers. I stopped worrying and just live each day the best I know how and keep praying so I'll be ready if bad news comes my way.
    Still going strong,
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    you are not alone. i am a 2 yr survivor. the worry and lack of sleep causes tiredness and that causes the imagination to play all sorts of tricks. i take effexor for my hot flashes, which is also an antidepressant, and sllep better and worry less. you may consider it.
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    I too am a cancer survivior. I had breast cancer in 1986 and a breast was removed. I was then put on 6 months of Chemo and lost most of my hair. In 1991 I again was told I had a small lump on the same side where the breast was removed. The lump was taken of and 8 weeks of radiation began. I still get tired from time to time and have learned to cope with it. I talk to groups of women and/or men on breast cancer, lung cancer, and skin cancer. I am still workng at a good job. Cancer is something that runs in my family and my husbands family. With the help of family and friends and even your doctor coping with cancer and getting back to a normal life can be done. Hope I've helped in some small way. Hang in there things will get better.