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hi there!

i'm new to the group and happy at the prospect of having a support community for cancer. I was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer [with lymph node metastasis] a year ago and am currently preparing for my second round of scanning and i-131in april.

i responded to a few postings earlier in hopes of connecting with others who understand what i'm going through and who might need support. i laughed outloud as i read words such as the "best" cancer and being perceived as a "complainer." in addition to these challenges, i find the drawn out treatment process incredibly difficult -- having to put parts of life on hold and sustaining strength and spirit for such a long period of time.

the experience of cancer has been lifechanging to say the least -- both in the gifts i've received, the fears i've been forced to confront, and the physical challenges i've endured. now, one year into the process, i find myself different in how i see the world and how i relate to those around me. while i have amazing friends and an incredibly supportive husband, i still feel a loneliness in not having someone in my life who truly understands what i'm going through.

so, if anyone is interested in connecting over shared experiences, i would love to establish some sort of an ongoing dialogue. i can be reached at [email protected].

thanks in advance for your responses, and i greatly look forward to speaking with you.

peace, keira


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    I was impressed with your message. I'm beginning my fourth year of ongoing thyroid cancer treatments and management. In addition, there are new health concerns related...seems as if there is one step forward and two steps back. I, too, am feeling a sense of isolation despite plenty of family love and support.
    I would be happy to communicate with you further, if interested.
    best wishes,
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    I am also a newcomer and live in Hawaii where Thyroid CA is high for females. I was diagnosed in 1996, had I131, 4 scans and had a total thyroidectomy with mets to my lymph. I work 2 full time jobs and a part-time job. I did not like not being on synthroid in between scans it was the worst, but considering it's a minor discomfort for me. Don't ever feel you are a complainer, in a way it's a way of venting in a roundabout way and we all need that. When you have walked the road, you understand the fears, anxiety and the emotional roller coaster that you experience. I identify with you about the loneliness, I felt that I could try and explain but listening and understanding are definitely two different roads. But my family members do listen well.
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    I am also new to the group just registered an hour ago and there are sooo many messages to read. I like you am glad to have a support group outside of my family to communicate with because by talking about how I am feeling all the time to them I feel like a complainer or like I am looking for attention. When someone asks "how you been feeling" I just respond "good" just because it is easy. I was diagnosed in June 3rd, had my throidectomy with lymphnodes too on June 23rd and just had my I131 on July 25. It's all moving so fast! I have been really emotional lately and feeling like now that I've had the surgery everyone has forgotten about me, even my husband who lives in the same house as me. He takes the attitude that since the surgery is over that I am all better and I still have a body scan and whatever that holds, and to start my medication and who knows what. But the doctors are so optimistic that is all people hear and don't know the fears you have. My family is great and kids (ages 14 & 12) are understanding but I seem to overly sensitive to my reaction to my husband. Maybe I am being "moody" but it just seems like he's saying "enough is enough" that I should be my old self again after all the cancer is gone. We hope, I haven't had the scan yet. Don't get me wrong he has been very supportive I think it is just taking its toll on him too and I don't want to get into a fight with him and say hurtful things. Like he doesn't care of understand because he has done alot but its like its all over because I am out of the hospital. I would also like to connect with some people and share experiences because this is all new to me too .I am 33 years old, married with two kids in sports and a full time job. I look forward to corresponding with anyone who would like too.