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I just got the results of my bone scan, x-rays and cancer markers. Everything came back negative! My oncologist said she had a Christmas present in February for me! I'll say! Anyway, I am praising God for His loving kindness. Thank you all for your prayers. I see the onc again in April for more tests, but today...this sure feels good! On top of that, I just found out that I was selected as Teacher of the Year for our local VFW post. What wonderful blessings!
Love, Jayne


  • grandma
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    PRAISE THE LORD!! I am sooooo happy for you....Flo
  • sevey
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    See how the Lord works??!!?? It is amazing, and nothing could be as wonderfull as Loving Him !! So we are here to acknowledge just How Wonderfull He IS !!!! I am crying for joy for you my Sister!!!!!!!
    God Bless Us All
    Love Cathy
  • maud
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    PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!! What a blessing to hear such great news. God is so good to us.I am so glad that all is going good for you. Congrats on being selected teacher of the year too. You are always in my thoughts and prayers.
    God Bless
  • hummingbyrd
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    That's TX for YES!
    Praise God I couldn't be more happier for you Jayne!
    YAH-AS Thank you LORD!
    Congrats on the teacher of the year award also!
    You ARE being abundantly blessed!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    I am a wee bit excited for you! LOL hummer
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    Hi Jayne, I've been waiting to hear from you to know about the results and I'm so happy they came back negative. What a relief for you. I'll keep on praying. Wonderful news about you being selected for Teacher of the Year. What an honor! Keep up the good work, for others and for yourself. Let us know how your sis's mom is doing. Thinking of you, Marie
  • heavenlee
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    Great News!! That is wonderful. I will pray for you that all your upcoming test also come out neg. Congrats on T.O.T.Y. That is great.
    Take care...
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    PRAISE THE LORD! I just finished my treatment in September of 2003 I know how it is to have a clean slate.
  • geral
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    Hi Jayne!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your WONDERFUL test results!

    Thanx for sharing your good news!

    Take care,
  • bethd1946
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    Oh Frabjous Day!! Congratulations. I am just starting out so this is excellent news. Glad to hear of survivors always. Beth