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I'm 30 years old and my mother was just told she has inflammatory breast cancer, that has probably already spread to her lymptnodes. We're still waiting for the biopsy results. My Mom's very scared, as am I. Is there anyone who can point me the right direction as far as what to do or expect? I don't want to lose my mom.
Thanks, Robert.


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    Hey Robert, I'm 41 diagnosed 2 1/2 years ago w/ 'very aggressive breast cancer' 13/27 + lymph nodes took chemo and rad, have had 2 bone mets both treated w/ radiation and lumpectomy out of other breast and I, by the grace of God, am still here!
    #1 Research: Go to webMD or and get acquainted w/ type of tumor mom has and what is recommended treatment. Get tumor type from pathology report.
    #2 Don't allow them to tell you how long she 'has to live'. No one knows that but God, and 'the diagnosis' didn't change anything (except for the way you look at life now)!
    #3 Keep a positive attitude; fear and depression, in my humble opinion, can kill anybody!
    My first question, and I offend some by it, is:
    "Is your mom a Christian?"....."Are you?"
    I have a website I'd like to recommend along with the others above, it's:
    long name and has to be entered into address box (not search engine) but I think will be very helpful to you. I had to have surgery,chemo and radiation, but it is my faith in God that kept me alive. We chat every night at 10:00 PM CST on site, just click message/chat and follow directions. Hope this helps and hope to chat with you soon. By the way even if you're not a christian you are still welcome!
    Be strong and of good courage...The Lord thy God is with thee wherever thou goest. Joshua 1:9
    God bless. hummingbyrd
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    Inflammatory breast cancer has a much better survival rate than it used to because they now know to get at the cancer with CHEMO FIRST - operation later. Be sure that's her schedule. It should be under control before operating.

    Let us know how she does.

    God bless both of you.
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    Your question is dear to my heart as my sons are 27, 30 and 31. They too are scared because in Novemebr I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went on the internet and read everything I could. I was scared to death . I had surgery last Tuesday and chose to have both breasts removed which in this day people will tell you that is very agressive. The cancer showed to be contained in my breasts before the surgery. Tomorrow I get the results back. I feel I made the right decision but that was my decision. There are some great people in this chat room. You can view their personal pages and read their stories. Also my mother was diagnosed with with breast cancer 30 years ago and still is here to talk about it.