Breast cancer-metastatic - from turkey

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Hello to everybody,
I am writing you from Turkey / ankara. My mother
diagnosed with breast c on september 2001.A mascotomy operation was done one week later. One month ago, doctors find a metastas on both kidney and liver. Now, we are searching for herbal medicines? Could you please inform us about this herbal medicines ? or are there anybody used and find herself more better. U can directly send to my e-mai address ( I really appreciate your answers. God cares u.


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    I don't have the phone # on me for the Cancer Care Center which is open 24 hrs. I know it is a 800 #... You may also try and register as they have a alternative medicene board and a lot of people there can help steer you in rt direction..... God Bless Both You and Mother
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    Hi Serdar!

    Welcome to our support group! I have never 'met' anyone from Turkey.

    I live in the state of Virginia in the USA.

    Go to the bottom of this screen and key in 'herb' under 'Search Discussion Groups', select 'all groups' and 'Enter'.

    Good luck to your mother. I hope she finds relief.

    Take care,
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    I drank green tea after my operation four and a half years ago, and I am still cancer free, but I also had standard treatments.