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My wife was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last Thursday IDC, we are confused, does anyone no the if this is curable.


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    So sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but this is definitely NOT a death sentence. I would suggest going out and buying Dr. Susan Love's Breast Book asap - it will help answer most of your questions and clear up a lot of confusion. There are many, many survivors out there. You might also call the American Cancer Society in your area and have a Reach to Recovery volunteer contact your wife, and she will get first hand survivor info. Right after diagnosis is such a confusing and anxious time, and getting as much information as possible will help immensely.
    We'll keep you both in our prayers - and feel free to post any questions here and you will always find somebody who can help.
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    Bob, the best thing you can do to understand this disease is to read, and ask questions, which by posting here is a great attempt to help you understand, good for you. I know this is a very frightening time for you and we all will pray for the two of you. First, there are many variables in cancer.I would suggest DR. Susan Love's Breast Book for many answers. This book became my second Bible when I was diagnosed. I am a 10 year survivor of infiltrating ductual carcinoma (with a recurrence at just under 3 years, followed by a healthy pregnancy. There are so many variables to a diagnosis ,when you are familiar with the terms it is easier to understand.The best place for me to start was with the pathologist's report. While this is loaded with difficult terms, it is also full of identfying info.Upon request, your doctor must provide a copy to the patient.I found that having this allowed me to look up the terms when I was home. So much info is mind boggling when one is in the doctor's office and I was never able to absorb all of it.This book explained various types of cancers, what effect hormones had on them, how quickly they grew,what the various treatment options were, surgeries and many other confusing areas, in a time when knowledge is power over fear.The unknown sometimes is more frightening than the facts.I am living proof of the possibilities for surviving as everyone else on this site are too. My doctor, even after all this time,will not use the term "Cured",as sometimes cancer is a chronic condition which requires maintenence on occasion. I have posted a webpage story listed under(Giant Steps) or maybe (Miraclebaby). Many others have shared their stories which can serve as inspiration as well. My Best to You, keep us posted. Debbie
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    I agree with all the posts you're received. I also recommend the Dr. Susan Love Breast Book. You can get the latest edition at Buy.com for $12.60, shipping cost included. I think that book is definitely something you'll want at your fingertips at home, but I'm sure it's also available at the library. It's only been 3 months since I was diagnosed, but I'm sure think bc2miraclebaby is on the right track. There was a big article in last week's Wall Street Journal. Many are beginning to think that cancer treatments are starting to be like those for AIDS...where you get used to living with it, to a certain extent and beat it back when it gets aggressive or life-threatening.
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    Hi Bob,
    Finding out that cancer has invaded your lives is so scary, but it is not a death sentence. Treatments have come a long way. You and your wife will have a rough road ahead, but she will need your love and support more than ever. What are your treatment options? Any lymph node involvement?
    Hugs, Jayne
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    Glad you are so willing to find ways to help your loved one. Most cancers these days does not mean that it is a death sentence. There is so much that they can treat with and more and more coming on line all the time. The research and developement is amazing and where I live there is an amazing research center being built with private sectors money so the government won't be able to close it when it get expensive for them.
    Wish your wife our very best and hope she comes and checks it out.
    Your a good husband Bob,
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    It is curable if caught early. And they are coming up with new treatment drugs all the time. AND you can live many, many productive years even if it is caught later. I know. I'm going on five years survivial with a good prognosis for many more with proper treatment! And I had a bad case.
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    It's my philosophy that with the proper treatment, chemo, rad and surgery and the power of prayer ANYTHING is possible. So hang in there Bob, keep a positive attitude, research all you can...cancer.gov or webMD are two good sites, and continue to praise God for what He has done for you and your wife. We don't always get physical healing, but we can be healed spiritually, and after all, that is what's important. God bless. hummingbyrd

    God I come to You tonight asking for You to pour out Your mercy and grace on this couple. Lord I pray that You would surround this woman with Your angels of mercy and healing. God give her doctors the wisdom to treat her condition appropriately and give her family the faith to stay strong, filled with hope and a peace that only You can provide. I thank You Lord on her behalf for this wonderful man You have blessed her with and I pray that You bless them both with many many more years of love together. Let Your will be done Father and let us always remember to give You all the honor and glory. In Christ' name I pray. Amen

    This sickness will not end in death. No, it is for God's glory so that God's Son may be glorified through it.
    John 11:4