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Hello Marysfz,
It's 3:04 am so I guess its Monday and I tried chat but misses everyone. I am going later this am to my reconstructionist surgeon to check on the nipples she did a week ago. I am feeling very ouchy and it has kept me up tonight. I think I will feel better when doc gets to look and see how new nipples (created from my own tissue and tattooed) is. The area is extremely sensitive which is amazing in itself and maybe I'll appreciate later on when everything is healed.
I appreciate the fact you thought about me. I am beginning to recreate my life, and know I won't be hurting forever so I keep moving forward.
Do hope you are doing well on your end. Sending warm fuzzies, light, hugs, and sunshine your way. iris PS I am writing you here because the e-mail reply didn't work.


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    I just missed you last nite, I'm so happy for you and your successful surgery! If you get a chance I'm in my chat room so come visit. Will be there till midnight, would love to talk.
    God bless. hummb
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    I am glad to hear you have your reasonably good attitude about you. Let me know what the doc said. One saying I cling to that helps is "this too shall pass".
    How's the rest of your health?
    I'm doing well. I am back to work full time. It's a little tiring, but I'm hanging in. It's really good for me to work. Keeps me off the streets!
    Hugs and blessings to you,
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    Sorry I was so in and out (mostly out) of chat the other nite. I was having trouble w/ #1 son. Teenage years! YIKES, boy oh boy, am I getting my payback, but for now all is well again. Hope you are continuing to heal well. Look forward to chatting soon, and this time being there 100%.
    God bless. hummb