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Hi! I'm a 39 year old mom with 3 kids I have just had a lumpectomy and 11 lymph nodes removed only 1 had 1cm of cancer in it. The doctor told me I will have to have radiation 4 series of chemo and hormon therapy. I was just wondering what to expect. I will be starting treatments in about 2 months. Thanks to all who reply.


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    I had a lumpectomy in Dec. 2001 at age 37, with 2 lymph nodes positive, and I had 4 cycles of AC chemo and 4 cycles of Taxol, followed by radiation and Tamoxifen. Do you know what chemo you will be getting? That will determine what a lot of the side effects could be, such as losing hair, nausea, etc. I had the chemo every 3 weeks, and for about a week after the treatments I laid pretty low, but after that I was able to do normal activities (including playing tennis and coaching my daughter's soccer team). I rested when I needed to, but otherwise made it through fine. I also had friends that provided meals during my treatment weeks, which was very helpful, since I didn't feel like eating much less cooking for my family. The radiation was not too bad but I did get tired toward the end, and that was actually the only time I stopped playing tennis. I started on Tam. in Sept. and I haven't had much trouble at all. My hair fell out with the AC, but I had a wig made before I started and it looked really great (and my insurance paid for it - worth checking into since it cost quite a bit). You will do fine! Feel free to email me with any questions at llange@execpc.com.
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    Hi Barb,
    I am 47 and had a lumpectomy 21 months ago. I had radiation and chemo. The radiation was about 5 weeks long, but each treatment was very short. I was scheduled for four rounds of chemo, but only had three due to a bout with pneumonia and some other health things. It was difficult, but bearable. I lost all my hair, but now it is back and very curly (was straight before). What chemo will you get? I had Adriamycin and Cytoxan. My hair began to fall out 14 days after my first treatment. I had my son shave it all for me when the first clumps began to drop. It was one of the most difficult times for me emotionally, but I have a great support system in my husband and family members. It was tough on my daughter, she was 20, but she and I were able to talk through many of her fears and mine. I'll be praying for you.
    Love, Jayne
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    Hi, I am much older then you, but I also had a lumpectomy last Feb., then 34 radiation treatments, which were not to bad, got a bid tired at the end, then I received 6 MO of chemo, twice a month, got sick after each treatment for about 3-4 days, I worked in between feeling good and feeling bad. My hair thinned out and is comming in good now. I feel great. 4 yrs ago, I had a mastectomy and then chemo A/C and 5fu, lost all my hair then, had a wig. Make sure they give you anti nausea meds, ZOFRAN worked the best for me. I am not a candidate for hormone therapy, my BC was ER neg. If you would like to ask any questions, feel free to e-mail me at
    I wish you well, god bless you. Emmi
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    Hi -
    I am 42 with 3 kids - ages 10,8,and 5. I had a mastectomy (with no positive nodes) at the end of September and just finished up 4 rounds of chemo (AC)on Jan 23. I work full time and took 3 weeks off after the surgery and have been working pretty much regular hours through the chemo. I only got a little nausea for 2-3 days after chemo and felt a little extra tired for a few days, but I bounced right back up. It helps when friends and family cook meals. Make sure you eat! I found the nausea was worse when I didn't. Rest when you are tired. My husband was good about keeping the kids occupied so I could nap. I will start on tamoxifen on March 1 - the oncologist is giving me the month of February to recoup. I didn't need any radiation. You can get through it. It was very scary for me anticipating my first chemo treatment, but I only had 4 and it really wasn't that bad. The baldness is kind of traumatic at first but it really cuts alot out of my beauty routine in the morning!! My hair is already starting to sprout. Oh - by the way - be prepared to lose ALL of your hair (including pubic). I was only thinking about my scalp and it shocked me when other body parts started shedding. Also, be careful about birth control. I got my period through the first three treatments and didn't get it when I expected it right after the last one. I guess I might be sterile, but I'm not sure if it is temporary or not. Just thought I'd cover some of the points that sometimes you don't hear about.... Good luck!! Keep us posted.
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    Hi, I'm 42 in Dec. '02 I had a mastectomy and hysterectomy. Chemo started 3wks after surgery and 2wks later I went back to work. Except for the hair falling out it hasn't been too bad. I've got 4 more treatments then we're taking a mini vacation.
    Remember Stay Positive.
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    Hi, I am 33 and have a 2 year old. I had a lumpectomy in July. I had a micro amount in one lymph node. I had 6 rounds of AC and taxatere. I was a little tired the first week, but worked through it. I agree with the others about the medicine. I also had Zofran and never got sick. I am half way through radiation now. That is not bad - the worst thing it going five days a week. The hair loss was a little shocking at first, but I had a wig purchased before hand. Alot of people said it was easier to pick one out while you still have hair. Hang in there, it will get easier. The hardest thing was accepting the fact when you first find out.

    Bobbie Jo