Saline implants and itching

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I just finished my final reconstructive implant surgery in December. Since I had the tissue expander put in, I've been feeling some itching/tingling sensations at the edges of the implant. It's hard to scratch since I don't have much sensation in my chest anymore. What a strange feeling. I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience. My plastic surgeon said it was probably from the expander but it hasn't gotten much better after the permanent implant.


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    Hello, my name is Cathy and I too had breast reconstruction with itching. I went nuts with worry! I also wanted to find out WHY? after all I went through. I went to the Dr time and again. He came up with the same conclusion yours did... I am not saying this is your answer, only sharing what I have found out to be the most viable for me. Although we lose sensation after surgery,nerves are still left behind constantly trying to rebuild. My first experience with this was after I had abdominal surgery. My whole left side of my upper left leg itched and tingled driving me nuts!!! I freaked out and kept on asking and reading for what I thought was far more serious then my body just taking its time to recover from the shock of what has been done to it by surgeons and reconstruction.... It may not be your answer, but with time it will get better I believe. Ofcourse I am not a DR and I don't want to say it is written in gold. Just maybe it could be. I will pray for you and hope you get better real soon. I am here for you if you need me.
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    My name is Dani and I had immediate reconstruction with the expander and then had that removed and the implants put in finally in October. I had the itching both times. it drives you crazy, and no one can give you a clear answer, but it does get better. i had the expander in for over a year and it gradually got a bit better with time. it has decreased a bit since october, but i am stil waiting for it to go away completely. they told me it was pretty normal, and if nothing else it was a sign of healing. i found that thumping on it a bit helps seeing as there is no way to really scratch! sending vibrations though the implant kind of helps it a bit for me. strange, i know,...good luck with it.