Hair today gone tomorrow??????

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I was told when I started chemo that my hair would fall out in two weeks, well last friday I went to take a shower with hair and got out without. Does it always happen this fast????



  • bobbiejo
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    Yes I will always remember that. I teased with the oncologist nurse that it was 14 days and I still had my hair. The next day I got in the shower and went to wash my hair and it came in clumps. All of it didn't come out just then, but to even run your fingers through it you would come out with alot of hair. A friend of mine used a man's clippers and cut at the lowest level. I couldn't deal with the hair everywhere. Welcome aboard. Take care - this is a great place to get advice.

    Bobbie Jo
  • isaiah4031
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    Hi Julie,
    Yes, it does! As soon as I saw those big clumps in the shower, I had my son shave all the rest off. Once it started, it just continued. The good news is that it will grow back...sometimes in ways you didn't even imagine! I had long, straight black/gray hair. I now have tons of curls that are black with some gray. Never need a permanent now!! Go figure. Hope all goes well. It's time to check out the latest in the hat fashions! Keep in touch!
    Love, Jayne
  • banker
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    Hi, depends on what kind of chemo you are on and how your body reacts to it. Usually with Adriamycin it starts to come out in clumps, then you need to shave your head. I guess in your case it was not necessary , it came out all at once. This last chemo I did not loose ALL my hair, just some thinning. Guess I was lucky this time. I hope you are doing well and don't let this hairloss bother you to much, it will come back. OK. Take care and god bless,
    hugs Emmi
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    Dear Julie.
    Hi hon. Yep mine happen just that fast. I had my first treatment on May 1st 2001 and lost it all on mothers day YES mothers day about 21 days later. I had it when I left work on friday and when I got back on Monday i was wearing a scarf and hat and NO hair. It grows back. Mine started growing back about november - while I was still on chemo... i have been off chemo for 5 months and is about shoulder length and really curly..
    Good luck,,, and look into hats.. they were my favorite.. always&forever