Emmi,Tara,Angel ,Kelli ?????

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Hi ladies, I was just wondering how you all have been? I haven't heard from you guys in awhile and hope all is going great with you. I miss our chats,maybe some night we can meet in chat again..Just wanted to let you know I think of you guys often and you're in my prayers ...God Bless, Karin


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    Hi Karin, how nice to hear from you. Glad things are going well so to speak. Gotta hang in there.Right ?
    I finished chemo in Oct., had all the usual stuff done after that. Ok so far. I am back to work full time. Get tired at times real quick, but other wise I am fine. My next appointments are Feb.21.Onc.,Surgeon and Mammo.
    Is been very very cold here and we have lots of snow. I saw on the weather map that you guys got some too. Been some winter.
    I have been on this site from time to time, last night there were a whole bunch in the chatroom. Was fun. Angel posted 1 day, don't know if you saw her post, last week sometime. She is ok, Skylar was in the hospital again, but doing better. A new gal, "hummingbyrd" has her on web page, its lots of fun to go on it, she is there mostly at 10am or 10pm CST, look it up sometime. She has a link from this site (her web page) to the other one. here is the address
    its a long one, and don't worry, its not a"religious" type of site, we talk about everything and it is funny,
    So this is it for now, I wish you and your children the best,hope to hear from you again.Take care and god bless
    Love Emmi