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I had my last treatment of chemo in 11/02. I have had 10 radiation treatments. I lost a few lashes during chemo, but over the last week I have lost almost all of them. Is this an after affect? I asked the radiation doc and he said radiation shouldn't be affecting it. Did anyone else experience this?

Bobbie Jo


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    Hi BobbieJo,

    My own feeling and or experience is that eyebrows/eyelashes do not follow any pattern - very individual. For example, I had my brows and lashes throughout the AC treatments but by the second taxol treatment, every hair everywhere was gone. Then when my hair came back, it took longer for the brows/ lashes and they were thick at first, then seemed to want to leave again and many did - LOL! - then ret'd in some decent looking amount, but now are sparse again. No rhyme or reason. I do not think it has anything to do with radiation = more likely a delayed reaction to chemo which was not that long ago for you. I was finished with everything Sept. 24, 2001. Wonder how long I will remember the EXACT date.

    Good Luck,
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    Hi Bobbie..
    Well, I didn't lose my eyelashes or eyebrows with AC....not even really with Taxol..but my hair and eyelashes and eyebrows continued to fall out about a month after chemo was over..after a month..I had no eyelashes/brows and my hair had actually grew back quite a bit...but during that month after chemo..my hair line was receeding..It is just barely coming in full around my face..and I ended chemo on Nov. 8th. My eyelashes and brows grew like in a week..over CHristmas..I was so busy and didn't have time to really look at myself and I did one day and started crying cuz they had grown in.
    Anyway...I am rambling now...
    Good Luck and God BLess..
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    Dear bobbyjo... I was totaly void of hair on my body for about 4 months.. NOT an eyelash, eyebrow, I did have some fuzzy on my legs.but not enough to have to shave really. Seems like the first hair that ''let go'' was the first to return..
    just give it time..it will return.. My last chemo was aug 19 A day that will live in memory banks for years to come! ... i just had my second POST treatment check ups.. and scans..and all is well... i have mamogram "on my good side" today at 1 p.m. .. and hoping all turns out well there too.. just wanted to reply and let you know it is ok.. we've all been there..and hair (all of it) will come back.. till then.. makeup is the key..lol
    hugs to you.. jerilyfrog13@yahoo.com
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    Dear Bobbiejoe
    Radiation does cause hair loss in the strangest places. I lost great blobs of hair from my scalp after radiation at the top of my neck & I lost pubic hair where I was radiated for my hip. It has been a long time now with various chemo & radiation treatments & I find that although I am not losing hair anymore I am not growing it back in some places either. It's been 2 years since I shaved underarm & I had my first leg shave last week. I am Xeloda now & although it does not cause a lot of hair loss it does not hep it to grow either. Eventually you will get your hair back so hang on in there. You may get a surprise like curls like I did.
    Love & hugs

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    I had last chemo on 8/5/02, last radiation on 11/7/02. I lost all hair after my second chemo, but didn't lose lashes and eyebrows until about mid Sept. I had empty spots on my eyebrows first then all but about 4 eye lashes fell out. Just finally getting a pretty good batch to come in and now again I think they are falling out.

    I don't really think that the loss of eyebrows or eyelashes is related to the radiation -- think is it stilll part of the chemo that is in our bodies. That stuff is mean stuff -- but you know that. My hair is finally coming in pretty good - but it is soft as puppy fur and CURLY! Giving it another 3 weeks before I forget the wig and go with my own head of hair. I'm not really hepped up that one -- having a wig has been so easy....never have a bad hair day now! Just take care of yourself -- remember that this will be over soon.....I can't believe how much time does to help with the experience. It's only been 5-6 months since the end of chemo -- and I really have forgotten the worst of it. So it is true -- time heals.