Chat does not like me......

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Maggs and Kelli, I tried and tried to enter the chat with the two of you but it kept telling me ,"The download of specified resource cannot be found"... I will try again one day and maybe connect with you then. Hugs, Nancy


  • hummingbyrd
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    Invitation is still open to come visit the chat at Hope Through Cancer Trials

    just type it in address bar...
    got smiley faces to play with...
    10 different colors of text.
    Go anytime you want I'm usually there 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM CST. God bless. hummb

    I'm sorry if it's dividing us but chat here still boots me off, I still get no_ID_message after I post, emails not right, just felt it would help to have alternate site with all this frustration.
  • jamjar62
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    Hi Nancy, I found that I could not enter hummingbyrds chat room using Netscape but I could when I switched to Internet Explorer. I don't know what browser you use but maybe that's the problem? Karen
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    Sorry you couldn't get through to chat, Nancy...on our side, it said you were timed out, but it was immediately after you joined the chat! Maybe Karen's correct, it is the difference in the servers?/! Hope they get it straightened out ...til next time... Maggs