Anyone have a bone marrow test?

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I've just been scheduled for a bone marrow test on Thursday. All my red counts are great, I'm 18 months past chemo and radiation, but my white blood count is really low (500). Trying to determine the cause. Question: Is the bone marrow test painful? My daughter is having her first baby and the baby shower is Sunday -- will I still be sore 3 days later? Thanks.


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    Never had one, but have done them before, years ago. They were painful then, but maybe technique has improved. Prayer before the procedure helps, especially if someone prays with you. Good luck and congrats to your daughter! God bless, hummingbyrd.
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    I've never had it done but I have a good friend who is battling a severe anemia problem who had it done a few weeks ago. He said it was painful for about a minute, and he was a little sore afterwards, but I think by 3 days later he was fine.
    Prayers and best wishes,
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    Hi gayleyr, I had a bone marrow biopsy about 4 years ago. It was painful for me at the time of the biopsy and I was a little sore after it, but nothing major. I've spoken to other ladies who have had the bone marrow biopsy who had no pain. I guess my onc. didn't wait long enough for the general anesthetic to kick in. The nurse that was assisting was very nice and let me squeeze her hand. I think I hurt her not meaning to. She was a good sport about it. My doc did say that I have exceptionally tough bones and had a hard time extracting the marrow. Good luck to you. It is nothing that can't be endured. You have already been through much worse. I'll say an extra prayer for you. God bless. Sandee
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    Hey gayleyr, Sorry, long day. I had a local anesthetic called lidocaine, not a general anesthetic as I erred in my previous post. Sorry! 9 hours with Alzheimers patients can do that. Best wishes. Sandee
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    They have suggested that I have a bone marrow test also. Please let us know how things turn out for you. Thanks.