So Sorry!

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Dear Hummingbyrd,
I just got to use the computer and nobody is in the chatroom! It is 10:23pm est! I would have been on the computer sooner, but my sister had to use it and she just got off! I so wanted to chat with you guys.
However this is not my computer to use at will or desire..... I am only here untill I get a place and then I will have my own computer to communicate with you all. I am not complaining.. On the contrary it is so much better here... However I do have to get along with others, because it is not all about me and what I want when I want.... Just wanted to let you know that it was'nt for lack of trying on my part.
I have a old email frozen in my email place on this network and it is driving me crazy!!! I can't erace it and it is too late to send.... I really need some help in that catagory on the new site.... It is getting on my last nerve, because I cannot send or respond to emails because the one I tried a few weeks ago comes up and I can't get rid of it no matter what I try. Is it just me or my mind? I have tried so many times and enlisted the aid of others..... Alas it is still there!?!? Can you or someon help me ?
Just know I wanted to chat and I am still having problens in a few other areas.... I sure could use some help... Starting to feel my old piucky self again, and want some resolutions as far as the new system goes.........
Gods Grace & peace & joy Always Yours
Love Cathy


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    Cathy, we were in chat room until midnight, but it was not this chat room...we are at...

    Conquering Cancer Through Christ

    type the above address in the address bar...when the site comes up click the MessageBoard/Chat link...I'll be there in the morning at 10:00 AM and tomorrow night at 10:00 PM CST...can't wait to chat with you girl! God bless. hummb
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    Hi Cathy, I did the same thing, looking in the wrong place. Try Hummingbirds Website, its neat. She is CST, one Hr back. I checked in last nite at about 10:30 pm EST, waited a while and she came on. Was fun. Hope you find it....see you there....