Newly diagnosed with breast cancer

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edited March 2014 in Breast Cancer #1 name is Karen and I'm 40 years old. A 3 cm lump was discovered on my baseline mammogram. I had a lumpectomy and node dissection which showed 5 + nodes out of 17. My margins weren't clear so I went back and had a second surgery to clear my margins. I started my first round of chemo (adriamycin /cytoxin) on the 27th of December. After 4 rounds of this I will start 4 rounds of taxotere. My hair began to fall out last week so I shaved my head. I am a believer in the saving blood of Christ Jesus and visited your website, hummingbird. I just need someone to talk to who has been where I am and is okay. I have two small children, 8 & 5, and I'm so scared at times. We are calling my chemo "the blood of Jesus" since the adriamycin is red and it is healing and cleansing me. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has words of encouragement. Thanks and God bless.


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    Karen I was diagnosed two yrs ago with Breast Cancer InSuti, Stage 2, Had Lumpectomy, then Radiation. I did not need Chemo. I know this can be a trying time and you might be searching for a reason to continue this treatment that seems to be destroying good cells, however, cancer, as you know, untreated has no life. Please be kind to yourself, somehow find the time to garnish strength through whatever resources you have. Your note seems religious so I assume you believe in God and Jesus. Use the tools this religion has given you to gain new strength to forge ahead each day. Remember you are on the path to recovery. There is a stopping point, please be patient with yourself. Also give yourself a break, even a little one. Your cup is half empty, remember to fill it up. Best wishes to your recovery.
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    Dear Karen:
    You have to stay strong; Christ will be there to walk with you along this dark time. You will eventually reach the lite of new life; This to shall pass. I was dx almost three years ago I had a 4 cm tumore in my chest wall and they did a mastectomy and i did adiamyctin and cytocixin and radiation. you cannot give up You hair will fall out. My husband and I shaved my head when it became to painful for me to bare and he even went a step further he shaved his head for support for me so we were the bald twins for almost a year later I can look back and laugh and so will you When your body is tired rest and stop eating oyur favorite foods now because they will no longer be your favorite foods after this is all said and done. If you want to talk further you can e mail at my home e mail address which is take care and hang in there


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    Hi Karen,
    I'm sorry you're going through this but I'm glad you found us. I was 37 last November when I was diagnosed, and my kids were 8 and 5. I also had 2 surgeries to get clean margins, I had 2 positive lymph nodes, and I went through 4 cycles of AC and 4 cycles of Taxol (very similar to Taxotere). Our cases are very similar. I finished chemo last June, and radiation in August. I've had 2 clean mammograms since I started treatment, and my 3 month checks have all been good. I'm feeling soooo much better than I did even a month ago, my hair came back really thick and a little wavy (it used to be stick straight), and I'm starting to feel somewhat normal again. You will get through the treatment, your hair will come back, and you will feel better again. Rely on your faith and your family and friends to get through the treatments, and take care of yourself. I'd love to talk to you anytime if you would like to email me. I can be reached at
    Take care and God bless,
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    Hi Karen, I am a 37 year old with newly diagnosed breast cancer myself. I found I had a 2.3 cm Stage II tumor with no lymph node involvemnet but will be undergoing chemo and radiation. I had a lumpectomy done on Jan 3rd and am still recovering from that... Keep the Lord in your heart and always remember that there will be many others to walk the path with you. From the sounds of the responses already many are willing to be there for you and I will offer the same. Email any time at msncmack@surfmk if you would like to talk. I will always be there for you. God Bless you and your family With love, Sara
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    hello, my name is Fawn. I have the exact same thing as you, except I had 7 out of 17 nodes+. I also went through 4 AC treatments and 4 taxotere treatments. I just finished all of the chemo on Jan.8,2003. I don't know if you have started the taxotere yet, but it was a lot easier than the AC! I hardly knew I was having chemo. The only side effects were lack of energy. I now have to have a mastectomy. I decided to have both breast removed. Only because they found a very small lump in the other breast and then the doctors couldn't find it to remove it. So i'm going to play it safe and do them both. I'm 26 years old with two children 6 and 4. I know exactly where you are coming from. I get very scared for my children and myself. If you ever want to talk to someone who has been there you can reach me at my email Keep your head held high. I know things will work out. God is always with us. your friend Fawn
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    Hi Karen, Sorry that this is happening to you. I am a +13 year survivor of breast ca. When I was first diagnosed, what seems now so long ago. I was so glad to just hear from survivors. Hang in there. God bless and keep you in his loving arms. The prayers and positive thoughts are coming your way. Sandee
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    Hi Karen,its good you found this site. I am sorry to hear what you are going through, but think positive and believe in God and you will make it like the rest of us. I too had Adriamycin/Cytoxin/5FU, at present I am doing fine, you will too. Your hair will come back. All of us here understand and will try to help you get through this difficult time. You must keep the faith, your children need you. If you would like to talk you can reach me at
    Take care, God bless you.....Hugs and prayers coming your way.....Love Emmi
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    HI there,
    so sorry you had to come to this place but you will find lots of support and advise here.
    I went thru the same chemo you are going to have. I also went thru radiation which I just finished yesterday.:-) I was pregnant when I was taking my Adria and Cytoxan. I had no troubles so I am will do just fine. It has only been a year since I was diagnosed..but..I am great and now that I am done with treatment..I feel so happy, alive, and am just soooo happy to be here on this earth. My 6 month old son is my Angel and I have another son 2years that I think helped me thru this the most and gave me all the encourgement in the world. Good luck and God Bless.