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Dear Everyone,
I just got out of the hospital this morning and I am still groggy. I will be meeting with a specialist next week to go over all the test results. I do know that my brain scan as fine. I thank God for that, because I worried it may have spread to my brain. Won't have much to say untill I can talk to this Dr and see what He thinks or discovers.
As far as I am concerned Jesus is in my corner and the Ultimate Physision..... He won't let me down and I will never give up a minute before the miracle... It is good to be out of the hospital. I am so tired and sleepy that I am napping all the time. You never get any rest in those places! Anyway I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know I am still ticking.
Gods Grace &love
Love Cathy


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    Hi, glad you are home, how nice of you to think of all of us. I hope you will get some rest now. Best wishes and lots of hugs coming your way....Love
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    Praying that GOD will bless and keep you Cathy,
    Keep your chin up and keep us posted as to how you are doing. Love, Hugs and Prayers....Flo
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    Alleluia, Praise the Lord can I have an amen! Glad you are doing well! Can't thank God enough! OOHHH!!! I'm so HAPPY for you! Take care and get plenty of rest. God bless, hummb
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    So glad you are home again, and that everything went well for you. I'm glad that you are sharing the computer so nicely with your sister--it helps us to learn to love better when we share. Offer up your sufferings to the Lord for the salvation of sinners. God bless you, Cathy--you are one of our inspirations and I'll keep you in my prayers! Maggs