pregnancy after breast cancer?

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Has anyone here had a baby after breast cancer? My hormone receptors were all positive and so i know there are some risks, but need some more info. would be grateful for any help out there...I had a mastectomy with 1 lymph node positive and am now on tamoxifen but they are saying that they will let me off it to have a kid. thanks for your help....


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    I have a neighbor that was diagnosed with breast cancer the day before her engagement at 38yrs old. She went through a lumpectomy, chemo, radiation and at 47 has a three year old and a one and almost half year old both very healthy and active. They are all very happy, so it is possible. Good Luck.
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    Hi there,
    I was pregnant while diagnosed, surgery and chemo. I also had 2 nodes pos. Will start Tamoxifen soon, all my doctors have advised me not to have any more. I have 2 kids now so I am kinda ok with it but..still sad. My oncologist says that since I had 2 pos. nodes...and my hormone receptors pos. also, just wouldn't be a good idea..since pregancy leads to your hormones going wacky. My cancer grew very fast due to me being pregnant. Very hard decision..but it has to be yours. If you feel that that is what you really want..YOU go for it. Take care..not sure if any of this helped..but..This is what I had to and still am dealing with.
    God Bless.
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    Hi again..
    I forgot to tell you that I talk with a lady I met thru the Pregnant with Cancer site and she went thru chemo while pregnant 2 years has a beautiful 2 year old son...along with a 2 month old now. She was able to get pregnant and is doing great.
    Ok..think that is it now..:-)