Prayers needed.

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My routine appointment with oncologist is tomorrow. Please keep positive thoughts and prayers for me. Thanks Sandee


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    I vote, collectively, as a group we ask for God to bless us all. WE ALL seem to be in need of extra prayers right now. Course I always say 'you can never have too many prayers or hugs'
    Lord, we come to you as a group of humble servants, asking that You pour out your mercy and grace over each and everyone of us. That you would surround us with your angels of mercy and healing and that you would keep your hand on all of us protecting us from Satan's evil ways. Give us all the strength to face the days ahead with hope and peace that only You can provide and whatever happens let us glorify You Lord with our actions and words of praise. Let others look at us and wonder how we can remain so calm in the midst of the storm so that we can give You all the honor and glory and testify to the magnitude of Your love. You are our Sovereign Lord and Father and in complete control so I now surrender all fears and worries to You God, because I can't bear them alone. Thank you Father for all that You have blessed me with, and for these sisters in Christ. What a blessing they have been. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen
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    Hi Sandee!

    I hope you get a good report. Let us know...Geral