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"Your doctor should take your questions seriously. He or she should be interested in your concerns and not make you feel rushed or inconsequential. If your doctor does not respond this way, bring it up at your next visit".
These 2 quotes come directly from one of the oncology nurses at our wonderful ACS site. They are part of a response to my question re:ongoing problem with doctors not taking me seriously about my chronic breast pain due to lumpectomy 2.5 years ago.
For those of you who have never used this option, just click on 'Contact ACS' at the top of this screen, enter your question, and an oncology nurse will reply within a few days.
Just passing this along to those of you who need it.
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    Hellow Geral:

    I agree completely. It's a tough road and doctors who are so willing to take your money have an absolute obligation to take your concerns and YOU as a person, very seriously.

    Thanks for posting that bit of info re how to contact an ACS Oncology Nurse! A very helpful resource for users of this site.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    Thanks again, Geral....gee...you're just full of information, aren't you? Where were you when I was diagnosed?? LOL!! Wish I would have known about this group then, but glad I found it now! Take care..Cyndi