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Gee whiz wanna a good laugh. Watcvh the bachelor tonight to see how low a man will fall to get a female. My husband and i have been watching it for a month now and its a spectacle to see how low the public has come to finding happiness. Send me your feed back i want to do a clinical study




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    Hi Kelly!
    I just started watching 'The Bachelor' the last 2 episdodes. It's kind of like a wreck: you hate to look, but you can't help it!
    Who do you think he'll chose? I've only seen the 2 'finalists' and the 1 that he 'booted' (the one of the 3 I think was most suited for him!) 2 weeks ago.
    Take care,
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    Hi Kelly! I haven't watched the show but I did see the special last week with all the girls that were booted out. That was interesting! What an emotional group! Now I HAVE to watch the final tonite! ENJOY! HUGS!! Cathy
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    It seems a tad rediculous what the world has come to if this is all they think we want to watch are these supposid reality shows. Nothing to stimulate the mind these days, maybe going for what is in the pants and not in our heads. I think it is a real sad state when this is what people choose to watch, guess it is away to avoid the real world.
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    As fpor your study...chalk one up in the "I agree with you" column! LOL!!! We just started watching it a few weeks ago, but it just floors me that first of all, they all choose to do this on national tv (their 15 minutes of fame, perhaps?), and that these women KNOW he's kissing all over all the other ones, and still think they want him!!! YIKES!!! Oh well, it was definitely amusing! Have a good weekend Kelly! God bless, Cyndi