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I'm new and have been reading some comments. I went all the way back to july and saw a comment from snikkster that her bc had returned after a year. She was asking for support. Does anyone know anything about her or haw she is doing? I would love to heaar her story. I hope she is okay. May God bless her. Let's all pray for her.


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    You might try clicking on the name and she might have a web page here that has information for you Linda. I wanted to welcome you to this site and am interested to know what brought you here to us. I hope you find the info you were looking for, I have to be honest haven't seen the name much so I can't help you.
    Take care Tara
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    Hi, and welcome! I don't know that particular person, but I too hope she's ok. How are YOU doing? I hope this finds you well. God bless, Cyndi
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    Hey Linda, I see u found the web page! You'll love it here everyone is so supportive. I too am afraid I do not know snikkstrt as I just got on in Sept, but we can certainly pray for her. God bless, talk to u soon. Hummingbyrd