Neurontin helps, nerve pain, artheritis, DDD

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This has worked for me for five years,especially sciatic nerve pain, osteoarthritis, and degenerit disc disease.
Black Kotash works for after menopose just for the benefits of the herb stands alone.
Why take Remificin, which I tried, when you can go for the source? Hope this helps.


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    Thanx for the info! I'm glad these meds are working for you! I recently started taking Neurontin. I'm extra sensitive to meds, so my dr. prescribed 300 mg. @ nite to start with. Every a.m., I wake up with a headache which doesn't subside until late afternoon. I took Neurontin 3 nites in a row with same side effect, stopped it for over a week, have been taking it the past 5 nites and have headaches again. I'm taking it for chronic post-lumpectomy pain which I've suffered from for past 2.5 yrs. Believe it or not, it seems my pain is worse while taking the Neurontin! I figure it's too soon to tell. My other concern is that I tried Neurontin only one time 1.5 yrs. ago and woke up with a totally numb finger! It didn't have any sensation in it at all! Now, that I'm taking Neurontin I am experiencing some tingling in my foot and fingers. Have any of you experienced any of this? -Geral