Extreme Pain Please Pray

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Goodmorning Everyone,

I was awakened at 5:00AM this morning in horrible pain. I had been dreaming that I was hurting and eventually it woke me up. The pain is on my right side under and just below the ribcage. It hurts through to my back and is off the scale. At 5:30AM I decided to call the surgeon on call. This awakened my husband who gave me pain medication that still hasn't kicked in to help. The surgeon on call doesn't feel as if it is an emergency and said for me to come in on Monday to see my surgeon. I just wish he could have given me more information. I am hoping that it is either an ulcer in the small intestine, which I have had in the past, but can't remember the pain, or my gall bladder. Since my surgery, September 13, I have been on liquid and soft diets. So between my screwed up diet and medications, I am hoping that it is an ulcer.

I just wish that the pain would ease. Please pray that the my pain eases so that I can make until the Monday appointment.

Love, prayers and hugs,



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    I am praying for you. I went through a period of great pain and the docs virtually ignored it. I ended up going to the ER 4 times in one day...still didn't find the cause but they ran lots of tests and gave me a ton of meds. The pain also made my B/P go up. It was awful and I sure did cry alot. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Love, Jayne
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    Hi Kat,
    I have gone through Gall Bladder attacks and had to have the Gall Bladder removed. The symptoms you have described sounded very familiar. If gall stones get stuck in the bile duct the duct goes into spasms and the pain keeps esculating as the duct tries to dislodge the stone. My spasms didn't let go until they gave me a shot of morphine to my dismay because I just had a baby 3 weeks old and was nursing at that time.Today they can laser the stones and break them up without surgery. There is even a Gall Bladder Recipe which I have that can soften the stones so the body can pass them. Call your Doc again and tell them you are in spastic pain and you want them to either see you or prescribe something that will make this manageable until Monday. You need to let them know fully your pain level because they are not hearing you clearly. Good Luck. Lots of light, love, hugs, Iris
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    Dear Kat,
    I am praying that this pain passes from you quickly and that you do get some further help from your doctor.You don't need to suffer untill Monday. We know God is our source and ask that He give you and your doc discernment about the source of your pain and appropriate treatment.
    God bless you, Paulette
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    I'm sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts. And remember, you don't have to listen to the surgeon on call. You shouldn't have to be in that much pain.
    Take care! Peace, Diane
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    My prayers are with you. I would suggest that you be very aggressive in finding relief from this pain NOW so you do not have to suffer until your appointment on Monday. There is no reason for you to have to suffer all weekend. I am one of those who has probably made a pest of myself by calling until I get results. Only YOU know your body and you have the control...not the doctors. Keep at it until someone helps you. You are a very strong person to have made it to this point and God will help you. Please keep us posted on the outcome of your appointment.
    Hugs and prayers to you-
    Mel in Arkansas
    P.S. -Feel free to email me anytime!
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    Dear Kat,
    I know exactly how you feel! I have been there time after time, and it is always frightening. Don't freak out, and allow the Peace of God to surround you.
    I will pray for a hedgepath of Angels to stay all over you, and for the Lord to comfert you through the Spirit.....
    Be Blessed
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    Attention Kat re: PAIN
    Kat, sorry I'm so late getting onto site if u haven't yet u need to go to ER. If it hurts to take deep breath it may just be pleurisy, if not related to breathing it could be a duodenal ulcer about to rupture or pancreatitis or inflamed gall bladder w/ stone in bile duct. Either way there is SOME reason for sudden onset of severe pain and u don't need to cover it up w/ pain meds. My prayers are w/ you. God bless HummB
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    hi Kat, Have prayed for you and hope you are feeling better. GOD bless and keep you close.
    Sending love, hugs and prayers your way.

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    You are in my prayers! Offer your suffering to God for a better world if you can: it helps to have a purpose, even for pain!
    Love, Maggs
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    Prayers are on their way! God bless you and heal you....Cyndi
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    Dear Kat;
    It is Monday night and I am just now reading your post. Please let us all know how you are doing. I see that our sisters have been praying for you and I will certainly add you to my immediate list. Hopefully by this time you have a handle on what is the cause of your pain.
    Your frustration and pain have been felt by us and thrown out across the land. May it be erased with the wind.
    Take care of yourself and allow your inner guidance to direct your healing.
    Love to you wherever you are.
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    Dear Kat
    I am a bit late getting to your letter but hope it helps. I too get pain off the scale in my rib cage from time to time. Do you have metastatic disease in spine. That is what causes my pain. As my spine compresses with tumours (I have shrunk 3 inches in 18 months) it pulls on the attached ribs & small cracks & fissures appear which are the cause of the pain. I have to medicate on morphine (high doses) for 3 days & it gradually settles down. This could be the cause of your pain. Hope you are now geting some relief.

    Love & hugs