Thanks for the Info

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You are a truly amazing group of gals... thanks for the site info, I have found fantastic information so far...I pray for us every are an inspiration! Love, Maggs


  • bea37
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    My thanks to all of you. Your info will be very helpful when I go to my onco to discussion exactly what we will be doing. You all really helped me to pull this latest hurdle -- it was bad, I missed 2 1/2 days at work because I couldn't coupe with anything. I think I have finally realized that this will be a very long period of adjustment for me to even begin to feel like myself. I have started exercising, and am go to PT for a frozen shoulder from the mastectomy and removal of the lymph nodes, so I feeling pretty good about that.
    Again thanks to all of you. I will keep you posted. Love to all of you. Bea