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Hi Ed, this is "grandma" and I responded to your post. Have been checking in here on this site often to see if you have posted again to update us. What kind of treatment are you getting? How are you feeling?Please update.
This is a support group and we all have our problems and need cheering up at times.
I have breast cancer, you can click on my name and read my profile if you want.
Most people come to these sites for support, info, and just to talk, But we all care about everyone. It would be nice if we all posted more often and let each other know how we are doing.
Prostate cancer is a terrible desease to have, My Dad passed away 11 yrs ago with it and my Husband has had it now for almost 3 yrs., He has failed harmone therapy and just had to stop chemo because of infection. We are taking one day at a time now.
Love, hugs and prayers to all who read this.......grandma


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    Hi "Grandma"

    I sent you a letter through your e-mail. Please read.