ovaries and estrogen

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I am a 41 year old premenopausal woman who was diagnosed with BC in july of this year. I am currently taking tamoxifan. I am looking into drugs to stop my ovaries from producing estrogen.For example zolodex or luprin. Is anyone doing this and if so what stage cancer were you dignosed with and whether you think that matters? thanks


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    Whew Julie! I too am 41, diagnosed at age 38 w/ BC, 13/27+ nodes, stage 4 since May 2001. The zolodex goes in the abdomen, the needle about the size of an ice pick! I opted for a hysterectomy. My MD ? my decision for an invasive procedure. I told him if he'd ever seen the zolodex he'd know it was an invasive procedure too! Also concerned me zolodex can cause tumor flare up? in 27% of patients compared to 4% w/ hys. One of my mets was next to my spine in low back. Sure didn't want that tumor to flare up. Don't know about luprin. Be sure to look at warnings on package insert. We deserve to know what the risks are. Hang in there, best wishes whatever you decide to do. God bless, Hummingbyrd.