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I have my reconstruction surgery scheduled for this 10/17 and what I am doing different this time is how I am preparing for the surgery. I found a company: www.healthjourneys.com also can be reached at 800 800 8661. The set of CD's I've purchased are called Successful Surgery and it is the tape that was research by Cleveland group. (read website for specifics). The tape is music and spoken imagery to slow down the blood to minimize bleeding and to heighten all healing levels, picturing a peaceful successful surgical event. The second CD is more of the music that helps reinforce the message and can be played in the OR if the doc agrees. The artist's name is Belleruth Naparstek.They also have this in cassettes as well.
This is probably my ninth procedure between car accident surgery and BC. I am really ready to have this all behind me and start my life again. Your friendship and prayers have made a big difference. Hugs, warm fuzzies and heart felt thanks to my extended sisters.


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    What an interesting approach and I say what ever can make one more comfortable is a good thing. I have decided that every little bit helps and nothing better than support of good women to help make a difference as well. It is proven now that women's brains need the relationships we build with other women and this can only increase our healing and increase our quality of life. There is much to say how important it is to comfort the subconscious mind and until recently really didn't understand the impact our subconscious mind has on our bodies ability to cope. It has been stated that the brain and nervous systems can work almost independently of the rest of the mind. Interesting isn't it, to think that one can have a panic attack and it is the bodies physiological response rather than a mental one. They think I could be having these kinds of attacks without any mental stimulus that usually comes with panic attacks. I found this to be a bit of a stretch but most of my problems have been neurological so it must stand for something. Not only that but I have a predisposition to them, since it runs in the family. This ought to be fun and I thought sweating and puking was about as bad as it could get, but having these attacks is something entirely different. My body just seems to have a mind all its own, one that I am not even aware of.
    This is what I found out the other day at the doctors. I found it interesting and maybe others can relate to this.
    I am definitely working harder on being good to myself,