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Hi Ladies! I'm Maggie. I haven't posted in a long time to this site. I was diagnosed with very aggresive breast cancer in August 1999.Finished all my treatment , now taking Tamoxifen. I went to my gyn. for my yearly pap smear a couple of weeks ago and he also did a ultrasound of my ovaries and uterus. He found a cyst on my left ovary and then he did a CA125 ovarian cancer screening test. A week later my results was in and my levels was 142.7, which is very high. He wanted to do a hystertomy on me, which we did last week. THey found NOTHING! He , along with my onologist thought that they would find something. In 4 weeks , they will do another CA125 test on me to re-check my levels. If still high, who knows what then? My onologist will have to order alot of other testing. Has anyone ever experience this or have heard of this happening. I told my doctor that I beleived that there was cancer in there, but God was watching over me and he took it out. Maggie


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    YES ovarian and breast closely linked unfortunately. Bad Pap tests and often cysts do result it seems. Wish my doctors were as diligent as your doctors seem, poo pooed allot of things that I have read are of concern.
    Be good to yourself Maggie,