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yes i am having gemza. My cancer has also mestatized to the liver also. I am goinh to continue to have gemzar and I am going into a study for oral chemo pills taken every day; to stop the growth of any more liver tumors. I have a lot of good healthy liver left.


  • stpjlm
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    i am 57 yrs old. diag. last may, had surgery, couldnt remove tumor.wrapped around mes. artery- 5 wks on chemo, along with 5 wks of rad. then went on gemzar--not tolerated very well. had 5 tr. and tumor markers are in normal range, so decided to stop for now. see doc every 6 wks. for marker tests, no wt loss, eating well! but fatigue hits all the time off gemzar for 6 weeks now, and still get very tired on days. people tell me very normal after all i have been through in 8 mos--discouraging. reply on stpjlm prayers r with you,my friend