Advice on expander implants done after 2nd mastectomy on Wed.

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Have a couple of questions. The side where the mastectomy was done, that implant is lopsided/higher on one side. Does this get evened out? The other side looks like a little mound already. I have the expander implants that they will fill every week. The pain isn't as bad as I thought. The drains are creepy again and leaking where they come out of me. Anyone have these expander implants? How did it go?


  • iris48
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    Hi Prayerangel,
    It really doesn't matter if the expanders are not symmetrical because they are not the final reconstruction. They are only stretching the skin. If you are draining, the fluid is supposed to be in a bulb you can drain off. Expanders are not comfortable basically. Sometimes they feel like a 48 bra that has overstayed its welcome. I still have mine a year this 8/21 and am waiting until my surgeon to do my reconstruction Sept or Oct. Hang in there.
  • kathie9
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    Hi...what kind of expander implants did the dr put in? It this permanent or will you have another surgery to place an implant in. Mine is a Becker expander/implant. No second surgery. One stop breast so to speak. I have one on the right side and it definitely does not sag like a real breast. It is higher and closer to the armpit than a natural breast. The expansion pain wasn't so bad. Mine was filled every few weeks for a period of about 6 months. I had more trouble with the filler port more than anything else. I'm curious as to what type you have. If you want to e-mail me my address is [email protected]. Hopefully your drains will be out're right they are no fun and creepy. God bless and good luck on your recovery.