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Hi all, got the results of the bone scan and x-rays, every thing is ok, no mets. PRAISE THE LORD!!! I have lots of arthritis with spuring, that is why it is so painful. But I can live with that.
Hubby is feeling a little better, still not eating very well, but is doing a bit better each day.MY LOVE AND PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU ALL.----GDO BLESS YOU,--Flo


  • maud
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    Hi Flo,
    I am with you PRAISE THE LORD for those great results on your scans and x-rays.God is so good AMEN!!! Glad to hear that your hubby is doing a little better too.I will still keep you both in my prayers.Take care and let us know how you are both doing.
    God Bless
  • georgeann
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    I am so glad that your news is positive. It is always uplifting to hear that the cancer is a bit more under control. My thoughts are with you and your husband - I hope he finds something that tastes at leaast half-way appealing.
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    Hi Flo,
    Terrific news about the scan and x-rays. Arthritis sure sounds fine rather than some other results. I can live with Arthur too.
    Hope your husband will feel better soon. Positive thoughts and prayers sent your way.

    Hugs from Carolyn
  • isaiah4031
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    Congratulations! Praise the Lord for your wonderful results!
    Love, Jayne
  • 24242
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    Thanks for keeping us informed grandma I have been thinking of you both. I am glad to hear things are finally going your way. Hope the hubbies appi gets better till then try lots of yogurt and fruit shakes to give him some good energy but maybe some milk shakes to get him through.
    Be good to yourselves, it is showing