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I'm not new to my Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (about a year and a half). Just new to to site. I have finished my radiation for a growth on my back, and undergone treatment for the lymphocites in my stomach, so everything should be great right?!? I am having trouble setting up my appointment for my review EDG. In addition to just plain being scared of a relapse, my last EDG was a terrible experience that I had nightmare for weeks. Just looking for someone with similar experiences or advice.



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    This is probably a really dumb question...but what is an "EDG" and what makes it so terrible?
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    My name is Lisa. I have been in remission for 7 years. I had a tumor on my T-5 vertabrae. I had radiation and chemo. They weren't able to get a good sample to tell me whether I had hodgkins or non- hodgkins. So they just treated me for the worst of the two. After I was done with treatment I never wanted to go back to another doctor. But, trust me. It gets easier with each visit. Each time you go its a milestone. I never thought I would be here 7 years later. Each year that passes there is less a chance for relapse. So, hang in there. Focus on other things in your life. And most important stay positive. Make that appointment!