masectomy bras and protheseis

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i want to say to anybody hear ,i will be getting new bras and prothesis next week or so in couple weeks for sure if there is anybody who is big breast and doesnt have no insurance need bras and prothesis i woulsd love to donate my old ones to somebody who is in need of any and dont have no money to get any please email me or answer me here i be glad to help,i dont have no money and i know how hard it is and how your diginty is on this matter i have medicare which buys 2 bras a year and gets prothesis as well so that why i like to donate my old ones to thoise who need them ,so let me know


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    Good for you! I have insurance that buys one bra and two prosthesis every other year. So, I guess I am doing fine! I just had my one year anniversary of being cancer free! YEAH!

    My cousin's Aunt also gets hers from medicare but rarely wears them. They are not my size, but my cousin has sent me several. I donated one set to the nurse who heads up my support group at the hospital for "show 'n tell" for new patients. The others I gave to the Am. Cancer Society's Reach to Recovery group. They said they sometimes come across women who can't afford them and will donate them.

    I personally wear a 42C bra and a size 10 triangle prosthesis. I am looking for something cooler than the silicone. JC Penney has a specialty catalog with a solid "Perma-Foam Bra" that I am thinking about ordering. I am just concerned about it staying down - I had both breasts removed so I am wondering if there is enough weight so that the bra does not ride up. I like my prosthesis, and am glad I went this route instead of reconstruction. But it just gets so hot around here in the summer!

    If you do not find someone who you can donate to, consider checking with the Salvation Army and Goodwill. And you could always try selling them on ebay, just for some pocket cash. I found one at a resale size, but I didn't buy because it was a different shape than what I wear, so I would need two.

    Good Luck,