Catheterization question...

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Has anyone had any probs after being catheterized? After the lump removal I've had problems with infections, pain here and there... it's not fun... and I am worried about getting "cathed" on Monday... Can there be scarring? I am going to ask if they will use a smaller tube this time!

Thank you all so much!


  • cruf
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    Hi Marty. I was catheterized after my Tram and the only problem I had was that it took about a week to actually feel like I had to go to the bathroom. I just went after a few hours knowing I must have to with all the IV fluids they gave me. Good luck Monday. HUGS!! Cathy
  • lizaboy
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    Hi Liza again. Can't remember any problems or discomfort with catheter. Like Cathy I had a slight problem 'going' after. I knew I needed but I had to 'make'myself pass water when I got there. THe same thing happenned after my gallbladder was removed in February and the surgeon said it was probably the effects of the anasthetic rather than the actual surgeory.
    Good luck love Liza
  • banker
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    Hi Marty, my catheter was taken out as soon as I came to. Had to go on the bedpan soon after,had only a sore "bum" from the bedpan.Thinking of you tomorrow, take care, lots of hugs and good wishes coming your way !!!!!!!Love Emmi