Coping with surgery

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Im currently at home recouping from the surgical removal of the cancer at the base of my toungue. I was wondering if anyone has had this surgery with a flap and if they experienced any problems?

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  • msnorberg
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    I had the cancer surgery on the base of my tongue. Are you saying the surgeon left a flap on you tongue? I did not experience that. My surgery recovery went relatively quickly. Do you have radiation or chemo scheduled?

  • cintee
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    My mother recently had the left half of her tongue removed and had reconstructive surgery to reconstruct her tongue and the floor of the mouth. Her surgeon calls this a flap. She has recovered wonderfully from surgery, but has been having a difficult time with chemo and radiation. She had her trach removed within about 5 weeks after surgery, but still has the feeding tube. She is able to swallow some liquids and just got cleared recently for soft foods but complains that nothing taste good therefore relying on the nutrition she gets from the feeding tube.
    She has been dealing with depression and really doesn't seem to have much motivation to get actively involved in her treatments. She will go for a few days and then will say she is too sick to go for the next few days. This is frustrating not only for her family but for the oncologists as well.
    Have you dealt with any of these same difficulties too?