Funny story..kinda??

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Hello everyone out there,
As some of you know, I am 7 months pregnant and going through AC right now. Well, I am due to deliver this baby in about 3 weeks. I went to my Oncologist yesterday for discuss MAYBE getting a 5th treatment just so I am not untreated for so long. ( I will start Taxol after the baby and I recover). Well, I have had it in my mind all this time that I did want the chemo and just wanted to stay to the plan. Well, The doc walked in and asked how everything was...blah..blah..blah.. then I told her my OB is planning to take the baby on the 11th, my Oncologist said she WASN'T going to give me the 5th AC afterall. I just felt crushed and started crying. Well, she went ahead and let me have it but wanted to let me know that I was her first patient to every cry because they WANTED chemo. :-) I just needed peace of mind I guess. Just hope nothing happens between now and 3 weeks. Hugs to all of you and have a wonderful weekend.


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    here's sending you many prayers and big, Big, BIG hugs. will be praying that all goes well with you and the baby. may God keep you in the safety of His hand. God bless. Vicki :)
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    Angel,that is funny. I'm sure you're the first person to cry because they wanted chemo!!!!! i'm glad that you're done with your last treatment for now and you can get that baby's room ready!!!! Best of Luck to you. God Bless, Karin
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    Hi Angel, Im glad you gave us an update I will be praying for you. May God be with you every second!!!
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    You will be close at heart you and the bundle soon to be. Good for you to stand up and ask for what you needed for some self assurance. That is all we can do for ourselves, be apart of the solutions.
    Good luck over the next few weeks we anticipate the birth of your baby, our niece or nephew, lol
    Be good to yourself and it won't be long now.
    Let us know how you are getting along,
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    It is kind of humorous to cry for something like wanting chemo, but I certainly understand the peace of mind thing....glad you onc did, too! God bless, Cyndi
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    Hi Angel,
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and the baby.Let us know how you are doing.
    God Bless
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    Hello Angel,
    I am curious about your situation as I am pregnant and had a cancerous tumour removed in May. I have been told that if I continue the pregnancy I will not be getting chemo. What kind of cancer did you have? My oncologist had recommended A/C for me, 4 shots, 3 wks apart. I was not sure about doing it, even before I found out that I was pregnant...
    Any insights, ideas?
    Thank you,