anyone doing neoadjuvent chemo?

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I am just wondering if anyone here is or was doing neoadjuvent chemo (chemo before surgey) and then surgery, then more chemo and after that is radiation therapy. I don't know anyone who is doing it this way so far, please contact me or reply if you are or heard of anyone who has...thanks guys.


  • vjc5199
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    that's exactly what i did. i was dx in Dec. and had 4 chemo treatments (AC-that's Adriamycin & Cytoxin). then i had a lumpectomy in March followed by 2 more AC treatments. before i started the 2nd round of chemos i had a PET scan that revealed 2 more places. AFTER the other 2 treatments i had a CT scan that showed one of the places was gone. now i'm off chemo and on Arimidex. i'll be doing rads also. hope i helped. God bless. Vicki :)
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    Hi there. I did not do that myself,but where I go for chemo I know alot of people there that are doing it that way. So far all of them have done fine. I hope this helps some. Judy