Have you heard of The Wellhouse Center - Dr. Renee Wellhouse

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Has anyone heard of this Dr. Renee Wellhouse, ND, PhD. Her Wellhouse Center is located in Windsor, Wisconsin. Have been told by one of her clients (currently under her care for liver problem) that she can get rid of cancer through herbs, internal cleansing, supplements and nutrition. I think she got rid of her own cancer in this manner. I believe it was breast. Let me know. I'm not totally convinced. It was suggested that I try her out. I have DCIS. Thanks


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    never heard of her or her treatments, would not believe it anyway. Rather take traditional treatments. Have DCIS at present also. Emmi
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    Hi, dear, well I would surely not trust anything but what your docs advise, having said that, I take a zillion vitamins, but NOT in place of conventional medicine. Most of these "miracle" cures are either spontaneous, or, did not happen. Every now and then a cancer can just disapear and everyone is convinced whatever they did was the thing. But stick with your docs and if you want to ADD to that, that is fine, just don't use untested things INSTEAD of accepted medicine. That is how I believe and I think most of us gals agree. Hugs, your sister, Shirlann
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    I was told about a similar 'doctor' from Germany who made much the same claims. A friend actualy bought me her book. I found it vert distressing. From what I could see most of her patients had never truly been diagnosed with cancer. Please be very careful and research all options thoroughly before making any decisions.
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    There is some speculation that some percentage of DCIS patients can live with the disease and it will never advance past the non-invasive stage. Therefore, there would also be the assumption that through good nutrition and supplements it is possible to 'cure' the patient. The risk to this line of thought is no one can say if your the lucky patient who can live with DCIS and not have it advance. You are just as likely to have it spread and break out of the ducts and become invasive (and life threatening) within 3-5 years. From all the research I did, I find these types of businesses to be dangerous and downright irresponsible in giving patients false hope. If it were possible to take a magic bullet and be cured, there would be no one on this planet who would willingly go through all the painful surguries and treatments to fight this disease. My advice is to steer clear of this "wellness center" and focus your energies on conventional treatments and supplements that your oncologist recommends.
    It is your body and your choice. you need to decide how much you are willing to gamble in your struggle to balance the best medicine with the least painful (both physically and emotional) treatments.
    My experience took me down the path where I ended up picking the least desirable treatment (double mastectomy) for the greatest cure rate (98% cure rate).
    your doing all the right things by weighing all your options. After you go thru this process, you will feel like you did everything you could to make the best choices for you. I wish you all the best during this difficult time.