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I just found out that my cancer is back and in full force. I have heard about a clinical trial for a new chemotherapy that attacks only the cancer and not you good cells. Has anyone heard of this or can anyone give me the name of the study or drug? It took two years for me to get back to normal (whatever that is) after my last chemo and if I can get in that trial I will jump at the chance. Thanks for the help. God bless.


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    I am so sorry to read of cancer's return - I read yourwebpage and think this is the second return/recurrence.

    I checked some with google and found reference to Gleevec which started as drug for leukemia but there are clinical trials for breast among other cancers. Ask your doctor about clinical trials - are you near a comprehensive cancer center where they would have more info on trials.

    You can type in 'Gleevec' on and find some info.

    You are in my thoughts.
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    I am sorry for your reoccurance, I will keep close at heart. There is so much they can do now without bringing us to the brink because they have killed all we have, good and bad. I have now heard that they can test genetically to see if one is sensative or not and can individualize treatments more than they have ever been able to as well as cancer cell distruction apposed to all cell distruction. I don't know names but I am sure you can find out about through sites like this one.
    You will get through this just as you did the last time and I only wish that your recovery doesn't take years as it did the last time. Hang in there and know that we are here for you, thinking of you.
    Be good to yourself,